Type C USB Flash Drive Explained: Things You Need to Know

Every year there’s a lot of new development on USB flash drive that is being introduced to the market; and these recent years, type C USB flash drive is now gaining popularity.

What is type C USB flash drive anyway?

USB Type-C flash drive is one of the revolutionary flash drives today; it is designed specifically for this new era’s devices with type-C port. Not only that, the type-C USB flash drive has these following top four remarkable benefits:

•    Can easily store a wide range of videos, music, office files or software, and more.
•    Most of the type-C’s USB flash drives have faster transfer speed than the previous storage devices.
•    Storage capability has expanded from 16 to 128 GB.
•    Its reversible connector design will make it easier for you to connect the USB flash drive to the host device without getting confused which side should be on the top and which side should be at the bottom.

If you are currently looking for type-C USB flash drives for laptops you should look for these following features:

  • Easy to use or to connect to the device. Unlike the usual right-side up design, the type-C USB flash drive is a reversible connector and when you look for this type of USB flash drive, makes sure to buy ones that are easy to plug-in.
  • Designed with high-performing speed when it comes to transferring data from the host device to the USB flash drive and the other way around. Look for a storage device designed with transfer speed up to 150 MB/s – this means transferring of data won’t take too much of your time. In other words, look for a type-C USB flash drive with modest reading speed and fast writing speed.
  • Designed and manufactured durable; it should be innovatively designed with materials that can withstand the weather.
  • Offers safe data transfer; there are preloaded type-C USB flash drives that are equipped with systems that allow you to keep the data secured from overwriting or being deleted. If you want a bulk of preload flash drive, you can check CFgear’s website today.
  • Compatible with smartphones, laptops, and tablet with type-C USB port; there are USB type C flash drives that won’t work on devices with type-C port, so make sure to be keen when purchasing a bulk of type C flash drive.

Where to buy reliable type-C USB flash drive?

There are several companies that make quality flash drives but if you are looking for a bulk of quality flash drives, specifically the type-C ones, CFgear is the best choice. For years, the company has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing quality and custom-made USB flash drives.

Final Thoughts

Type-C USB flash drive is one of many devices that are a product of great innovation – it can store data up to 128 GB and can transfer, read, and write data up to 158 MB/s or a whopping 10 GB p/s – at CFgear, they offer a bulk of quality type-C flash drives that can be preloaded with systems; all you need to do is visit their website today.

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