Losing Weight: What Should I be Doing?

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There are several reasons as to why some people aim to lose weight. Reasons may be in nature of health or simply, preference. People who are overweight or obese would need to lose weight in order to make life easier for them since, as well all know, weighing much more than you should also has its physical and physiological drawbacks. For other people, they want to lose weight simply because they just want to get physically fit. And of course, there are also those people who are struggling to lose weight even when they are already below how much they should weight—that is another story, however.

The Journey

As you might have guessed, losing weight is not an easy task. Perhaps, you have seen people struggling physiologically, physically and emotionally on shows like Biggest Loser. Getting aboard on a weight loss program is no joke. You must have the constant motivation, determination and enough discipline in order for you to really reach your goals.

That said, we have devised several tips that might help you in your journey to lose weight. However, keep in mind that these the effectiveness of the tips is the same for all. As they say, there are different strokes for different folks. Some tips might work for you but nor for others and vice versa. Nevertheless, most of these tips work well with everyone in the weight-losing community.

The Tips

  • Do not skip breakfast. Breakfast is a very important part of the day as it breaks the fasting you have been on while you were asleep. Eating a high protein breakfast is beneficial for one that is trying to lose weight as it has been proven to reduce cravings throughout the day.
  • Eat slowly. Studies have shown that eating slowly helps in making you feel fuller. Other than that, eating slowly also heightens the hormones responsible for weight reduction. Slow eaters will have more chances of losing weight faster whereas fast eaters have bigger chances in gaining more.
  • Avoid sugar. May it be in the form of chocolates or sweetener-filled juices. As you might already know, sugar is one of the biggest fattening culprit and this is why it is best for you to avoid it.

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  • Stick with unprocessed foods. Related to the previous tip, processed foods drown in so much sugar coming with its refined ingredients as well as its artificial additives and preservatives. As much as possible go for whole foods
  • Use a smaller plate. If you really want a holistic approach, you must not just look into your body intake; you should also play tricks with your mind. Using a smaller plate will make it look like you are eating a lot since the plate is close to being overly crowded. When you see this sight, your mind is tricked into believing that you are already taking in a lot of food and thus, it will signal your body to not anymore get another plate-full of food.

Just try giving these tips a try and you will see the positive effect it may have on you in your weight-losing program. Focus on whichever works best for you. Good Luck!