Anti-Seizure Drug Recall

Health Canada has announced a recall of certain lot numbers of the anti-seizure drug Lamotrigine
manufacturered by Sanis Health and Mylan Pharmaceuticals due to product quality issues.

Advisory (English)


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As of May 27, Health Canada has not received any reports of adverse reactions and patients are advised not to discontinue their treatment unless directed by their healthcare professional.

This issue has been widely considered by a number of health professions in Canada. The usage of anti-seizure drugs can also affect sports and motor function.

List of Activities to Avoid if Taking Anti-Seizure Drugs

Please avoid the following list:

  • Snowmobiling
  • Driving
  • Golf
  • Sex
  • Shooting
  • Hunting
  • Long periods of running
  • Spending more than 1-2 hours underwater
  • Mixing drugs

One area that is extremely important is hearing loss. Any person who is taking medication should also be away that there is an acute risk for hearing loss due to medical complications of the different drug interactions.  If you’re planning on using anti-seizure drugs and still want to engage in hunting or any other loud sports it’s important to get adequate hearing protection.

Anti Seizure Medication Essentials

Anti seizure drugs have a lot of potential side effects that can impair your ability to perform well.  This are related to the drug itself as well as a huge of other factors that may become involved as well. Please speak to your doctor before starting any medication.

Also be aware that mixing other forms of drugs together is slightly dangerous and could result in a lot of potential issues. These issues can arise from either the drug itself or the actual medical ingredients inside. These ingredients are based on medical tests that have occurred either here in Canada or in other countries.

Diet and Medication

We advise for anyone who is actively taking these kinds of drugs to also eat a proper well balanced diet and not forget to take their medication on a regular interval. Regularity is key when it comes to medical substances and anti-seizure drugs are no exception to that rule.

Sports and Medicine

When you can, it’s important to stretch and take time every day to exercise and adjust yourself to the potential side effects of the medicine.

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