Buying Medicines Online: The Advantages and Disadvantages

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Purchasing medications online has become a common scene these days. Not just people from the United States but even people from almost all around the world are becoming chained to the rhythm of online pharmacies. Why? It’s really because of the benefits and advantages it brings with it. But let’s face it, turning to online pharmacies may also have its few downsides to it.

As consumers, it’s essential for us to know about the advantages and disadvantages of buying any product especially if we are dealing with medications, online. In this way, we are able to properly weigh the pros and cons without biases. This will become our guide if we choose to purchase medicines online.


  • It preserves privacy.

One of the advantages of buying from online pharmacies is the fact that you can speak to health professionals such as doctors and pharmacists in private as well as buy products without other people knowing. This is usually great for those people who are not so comfortable with others knowing about their health conditions. With online pharmacy, you get to stay at home and just tinker with the computer or your smartphone and you’re easily able to get the medication you need.

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  • It is easier to compare sites and their prices.

Compared to driving to one pharmacy and another, switching tabs to visit site to site is much easier when it comes to comparing prices of medications. Of course, you also have to be wary if some sites are selling it a suspiciously much lower price than other sites. Perhaps, it may be best to check out more than 2 sites just to have a better overview of the average price.

  • It helps save more money.

Some surveys have actually shown that buying medications online help consumers save. Perhaps, this could be because there is no actual store and so, operations and rent expenses do not add up to the prices. Take a quick look at Independent Pharmacy for reliable brands and big savings – However, it’s extremely important to avoid medications that are priced unbelievably low; chances are these are fake products.

  • It is convenient for people who are confined at home or are living far from pharmacies.

For people who have a hard time traveling to a physical pharmacy, an online pharmacy is the best alternative since these pharmacies efficiently deliver products straight to your doorstep.


  • It’s possible to purchase from rogue pharmacies.

The internet is bombarded with fake pharmacies and there is a big chance that consumers might end up purchasing from these types of pharmacies.

  • It’s possible to end up with counterfeit products.

If consumers end up with rogue pharmacies, there’s a very big chance that the products they’re selling are of a much cheaper price since these are counterfeit or fake products. Counterfeit medicines should never be taken lightly; their effects on the body could be fatal and may even lead to death.

  • It puts private or financial information at risk.

Since online pharmacies will ask for information regarding the payment, it’s possible for these pharmacies to use this information for a wrong cause.


Excuses for Missing School or Work: The Good and The Bad

call in sick for work

Admit it, we’ve all experienced waking up to a beautiful day–a lovely morning with the chirping of the birds while the rays of the sun hit the bedroom windows. The only thing that ruins the mood is the fact that you have to attend school or work soon.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just relax on this day? Perhaps, you have been going through a lot of stress and anxiety in school or in your workplace and you truly need a break. You can actually excuse yourself from all these stress; however, you must choose your reasons wisely.

Many students and employees end up going for lame and bad excuses; and in almost all of those cases, their reasons are not believed by the employers. Most probably, they end up getting more penalties and punishments. The best solution is to present an excuse that is truly convincing.

The Good

  • Health Problems

Perhaps one of the most common and effective excuses to miss school or work is because of health problems. Whether you have real or fake flu, excessive migraine, fever, severe stomach pains, some employers may raise their eyebrows when you give this as a reason; however, if you can back it up with a doctor’s note, they will have no questions.

  • Family Issues

You can also get away with work if your reasons pertain to family issues such as your parent or child getting sick (fever, flu, etc.) Other reasons may include needing to babysit the new born baby because the baby sitter did not show up or you may simply tell your professor or boss that there was a family emergency, you need not to disclose details as it is personal.

  • Household Emergencies

Leaky pipes, exploding toilets or any needed household emergency repairs may also be good excuses to miss work. Your boss cannot force you to go to work since you will have to prioritize your home.

stress from work

The Bad

  • Fake Death of Family

This excuse is overused and almost always unbelievable especially if you have used this reason more than once. Also, if you are caught in this type of lie, your co-workers and employers might question your ethics forever.

  • Personal Getaways

It’s also best to not be too blunt and honest with your boss; saying “Sorry boss/professor, I prefer to go to the beach more than attending work/class” might lead to detention or extermination and we don’t really want that. So do not present your “personal getaways” as an excuse to miss work or school, ever.

  • Hangover and Parties

Probably the worst excuse to tell you boss or teacher is that you have extreme headache because you got drunk last night. Try to disclose only until the headache information and omit the reasons as to why you have it.

The Bottom Line

In the end, don’t use the same excuse too many times as they will really be doubtful. And if possible, present a proof or evidence to back up your claim so they won’t have doubts or anything against you.

Austin 4th Annual Pediatric Dental Conference Held in Austin, Texas

Austin Texas was the home to the 4th Annual Austin Pediatric Dental Convention. Dentists and health practitioners from the surrounding area visited the PickFair Community Center to discuss pediatric dental health trends and technology. Visitors from Hill County, Bee Cave and several other district Texas hospitals were all in attendance.

To sign up for the next convention please contact the PickFair Community Center.

Pickfair Community Center
10904 Pickfair Dr, Austin, TX 78750, USA