Beating Stress: Ways to Fight Stress-Induced Weight Gain

Several studies have proven that there is a link between stress and weight gain; according to these studies, due to the high level of stress hormone, known as cortisol, it drives up the levels of ghrelin, a hunger hormone that is responsible for increasing appetite. In other words, when an individual is overly stressed, he or she starts to crave more food than the ordinary, especially food rich in sugar and salt. Additionally, one of the reasons why you are gaining weight is due to slow metabolism.

When an individual is experiencing constant stress, his or her metabolic rate slows down, making you gain more weight compared to losing some.

So, if you have noticed lately that you are gaining weight despite the pressure and the stress you are experiencing, here are the top ways to fight stress-induced weight gain:

1. Exercise

Exercise is essential, even during a critical situation. According to studies, exercises help decrease cortisol level –an essential hormone that is responsible for responding to stress. Instead, the body releases essential chemicals that help improve your mood in overcoming the effects of stress.

2. Practice a mindful eating

Choose your food wisely; do not eat foods that are high in sugar and salt, instead eat healthy food that is rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates. Also, never skip breakfast – no matter how busy are you, have time to eat your breakfast.

3. You are probably thirsty and not hungry

One of the most common misconceptions that everyone is guilty about is taking thirsty as hungry. There are times when the body needs water than food; if you want t deal with weight gained due to stress, determine first if you are thirsty and not hungry by drinking a glass of water.

4. Go get enough sleep

Stress, lack of sleep, and weight gain are linked with each other; when you are under too much stress, you are unable to sleep well, and when a person lacks sleep, he or she starts to crave for foods that are high in sugar. Thus, the more you give in to your stress, the more you gain weight. So, to balance everything, try to get enough sleep.

Here is how:
•    Empty your bladder before sleeping
•    Try placing dim lights, instead of making your room dark. The purpose of this is to increase melatonin.
•    Place all your devices away from you when you are trying to catch up some sleep.

5. Consider supplement

Another healthiest ways to deal with stress-induced weight gain is to consider taking adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens are a perfect partner for people who are suffering from chronic stress or anxiety. These herbs contain essential properties that help you boost the health of the adrenal system or reduce the effects of chronic stress; all you need to do is find the best product with adaptogenic herbs.

Stress and weight gain have a significant link with each other; when a person is under stress, he or she craves for food more than the usual, which eventually will make you gain weight. Fortunately, there are ways to beat up stress – like as mentioned earlier.

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