Austin Pediatric Dental Convention Hosted by ATX Dental Specialists

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Dental experts from all around Austin gathered for the 4th Annual Austin Dental Meetup.  Originally started by ATX Dental Specialists – Austin’s top pediatric and endodontics dental service, Dr. Pejman – the annual convention aims to bring dental experts in the greater Austin area together to discuss trends in dental health care for individuals and families.

Speakers discussed a variety of topics including:

  • 3D based dental implants
  • Prevention of gum disease in children under 4
  • Gum disease proliferation in at risk demographics
  • Best insurance instruments for clinics operating staff of under 8 people

Although Austin has not previously been a center point for such discussions participants hope that continued activities like the Austin 4th Annual Pediatric Conference will encourage more dentists to see Austin as a focal point for future conferences.

Austin Dental Services in 2017

With the expanding city infrastructure rapidly expanding due to commercial real estate developments and a burgeoning music and arts community the Austin community has seen massive growth.  City planner have seen some areas expand residential housing by upwards of 31%.

This brings with it new challenges and also opportunities. As the residential base of Austin increases so does demand for medical and dental services.  Austin’s changing city demographics represent a growing influx of younger families.  Dentists in Austin currently will be unstaffed to handle requests for pediatric dentistry, root canals and especially endodontics.

Endodontic Services in Austin

Endodontic dentistry is a growing market that requires highly specialized dental services. This was one of the areas discussed at the conference as the current capacity of Austin’s dental services cannot meet or exceed demand. Residents require increased Endodontic services in order to match a growing residential base.

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